Our Journey

Before I begin with another blog post, I would like to personally thank everyone who has been our journeys means of support throughout this period that has required so much of us. It is your commitment that provides purpose to what it is we are doing.

Right now I am in a plane accompanying my Bishop Sarhad Jammo back to San Diego after a week meeting with Congress, White House officials, and UN officials. As many of you may know, I am actively trying to garner support for HR 5430, or the Nineveh Plains Refugee Act which would grant those displaced in the northern region of Iraq a chance for new life in the United States. ‚Äč

And, I will admit that such an effort has not come without its obstacles. The latest of which is the midterm elections for Congress. What I have come to realize is that the potential for a misstep in the midterm elections has led to a stagnant congress; a congress that would rather remain neutral in the face of a Christian genocide then act on that which is right.

Luckily, members of Congress like Juan Vargas, Tom Rooney, and Anna Eshoo have been a reminder of what our political structure can achieve when the good of humanity stands as the driving force for legislation. It is these individuals that provide us with a hope that is so dearly needed. Our legislation may be shelved until after the midterms, but that should not lessen our resolve. I ask for your continued support and wholehearted commitment to the cause of this genocide.

Until next time,

Mark P. Arabo

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