• San Diego

    "San Diego is where I call home. It is the community that has given me and so many others the opportunity to succeed. Its citizens are paramount to our growth as one city, one community, one San Diego."

  • Minority Humanitarian Foundation

    The Minority Humanitarian Foundation's mission is to establish a safe passage for those who would like to leave the country of Iraq, and create a safe haven for those who wish to stay within the country.

  • Governmental Relationships

    Mark pushes for legislation that positively impacts the community.

About Mark

Small business leader, humanitarian, and Chaldean American Spokesman, Mark Arabo has become one of California’s most respectable figures within the community. In 1979, the Arabo family immigrated from Iraq to the United States in search of a better life and safety. Today, Mark is one of the most distinguished members of the Chaldean community in San Diego County. Mark has three brothers and one sister. One of his brothers, Auday Arabo ran for State Assembly in 2008. The rest of his siblings are accomplished business professionals.

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